A To Do List with a Twist

How many of you suffer from a To Do list that is equal in length to a football field?   How often are you able to accomplish all the items on that list?  How does it make you feel when you fall short of completing those items? 

In order to plan your time effectively you need to set priorities and then turn those priorities into action.   Let’s spend a few minutes together doing this. 

  1. Please take a look at your current To Do List.  
  2. On a separate sheet of paper create to categories:  Must Do and Should Do.  Take the items on your current To Do List and place them under the appropriate category.
  3. Under the Must Do category highlight the items that need to be done today.   Before you go off and highlight anything ask yourself the following question: “Will my work or family suffer significantly if I fail to complete this item today?”  If the answer is “yes” then highlight for completion today.
  4. Once you have identified today’s Must Dos, then you can go ahead and prioritize them. 
  5. The remaining items should be placed on your Should Do list.
  6. Once your Must Dos from today are completed look at your Should Do list and decide which action items should be moved to the Must Do category.

Follow this system for a few days and be amazed at how much you accomplish.