Attitudes- We all have them, but what are they?

"Attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching?"   -- Dennis and Wendy Mannering

Before you answer this question let’s take a moment to understand what attitudes are.   Simply put, attitudes are our habits of thought that govern the way we interact with people and situations.  These attitudes are formed over time as you form opinions about how things should be done, how people should act and how different situations should be addressed.   Your attitudes are linked to your behavior which impacts your results.  What you think about a situation will determine your attitude towards that situation; your behavior is a direct response to your attitude about that situation; and the behavior you take impacts the results you get.  

Your success is determined to a large extent by your attitudes.  Think of your attitudes as an “aura” that surrounds you.   When you walk into a room, your attitudes are the first thing that people encounter even before you open your mouth.   Even if you have the most brilliant things to say, if you have a negative attitude people will not be inclined to communicate with you.   Without those lines of communication it is difficult to be productive. 

Remember, the children’s book, the Little Engine that Could?  If you think you can- you will, and if you don’t think you can- you won’t.   When we were younger we all routed for the train because of his positive attitude (I think I can, I think I can).   Why not show the same support to yourself?