Banishing a Bad Habit

Remember the topic of bad habits covered in my previous blog?  Well now it is time to focus on how you can begin the process of eliminating this bad habit from your life.  For starters what you need to realize is that a bad habit can’t just be erased.  A bad habit needs to be removed and replaced with a productive habit.  So, how do you this?  It’s actually not as hard as you may think.  Once you have admitted to yourself that the habit you have is counterproductive to what you want to achieve in life, answer the following questions: 

1. List the reasons why the habit is counterproductive.

2. Take a step back and honestly assess what sort of satisfaction and/or benefits you derive from this habit.

3. Think of a more effective habit that could replace this bad habit.  What are some of the benefits what you could expect with this new habit?

Changing habits requires your attention and commitment over the long haul.  Do not expect it to happen overnight.   Be patient.  Have with you the anticipated benefits of the new goal within your sight at all times.  This will help you keep focus on the person you want to become.