Becoming a Goal Accomplisher

Goals give your life direction.   They help to define actions and measure progress.  Yet, most people do not devote any time to the goal setting process.   Why not take a moment to review the goal setting process below.  Understanding and becoming proficient in all six steps of goal accomplishment will help you realize the success you are striving for and deserve.

  1. What are your dreams?  What do you want to accomplish?
  2. Conduct a self-assessment.  You need to understand where you are now before you embark on any journey. 
  3. Develop goal categories.  What categories of your personal and professional life would you like to change and improve in order to realize your dreams?
  4. Compose specific goals within your goal categories.   These statements help you determine specific solutions and action steps needed to reach your desired outcome.
  5. Cultivate the action steps you need to take to realize your goal.  Break your goals into specific action steps.
  6. Prioritization of Goals and Action steps.  This is an ongoing process which encourages you to reassess the relative value of your goals against the resources and time commitment needed.