Career Development Starts with Self-Awareness and a 5-minute Assessment

In my last newsletter, I shared thoughts on the importance of self-awareness when identifying the way forward on your personal and professional path.

Rich insights don’t have to take a long time to find. I can provide you with a personalized report that will enable you to achieve greater satisfaction and tap into your potential by understanding the what, why & how behind your performance.   This assessment has proven to help my clients achieve new successful results in important areas and can help you:

  • ·         Set and achieve inspirational goals
  • ·         Create roles and find jobs that align well your personal motivations
  • ·          Assess situations better and enhance your decision-making based on a better understand of your personal patterns
  • ·         Performance management (managing yourself and others effectively)
  • ·         Enhance communication with people in your professional and personal life
  • ·         Understand how your existing behavior supports or limits your personal success


Here is quote from Anne, who completed the Attribute Index Assessment Tool last week. 

“When I took the assessment I was surprised at how simple and fast it was to complete - 5 minutes or less! So it amazed me that the 11 page personalized report so clearly represented me. There, in writing, were some of my deep struggles as well as parts of myself that make me proud. Just reading the report helped strengthen my resolve to tackle these life-long issues and I know Stacey can help me build a plan.”

A key trait among successful people is self-awareness.  How aware are you?  Are you leveraging your strengths? Are you able to identify your blind spots?   What is the relevance of these factors to your current environment?

Why not spend the 5 minutes to find out?  It’s an investment in your future that will open new doors to success.