Creating a Compelling Vision- Mistakes to Avoid

The two common mistakes that companies make with regard to their vision that keep them from reaching their potential are (1) the failure to clearly articulate a vision and (2) the failure to communicate the vision effectively.

There’s another huge mistake that can derail all the efforts you may make to overcome the first two mistakes. It’s failing to make sure that all employees’ activities support and are in alignment with the vision. 

Once a compelling vision is developed the next step is to create a mission. The mission is the short-term view of the vision. What can be accomplished in the next year that will support the vision?  From there, you will want to determine the critical success factors. These are usually four to eight key factors that are both necessary and sufficient to realize your company’s Mission.   Then SMART goals (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistically High and Time Bound) should be set to meet the Critical Success Factors and then broken down into Action Steps that spell out who does what by when.

The big mistake that most companies make is that often the action steps of some goals are out of alignment with the Vision.

You see, your employees need to understand your expectations and receive your feedback. They need to understand the Vision and how their role plays a part in it.