Good Habits, Friend or Foe?

In my previous blog I mentioned how the repetitive nature of habits can be helpful in terms of minimizing time and effort.   But in some cases, good habits can also hinder your growth.  If you are not open to new ideas, approaches and methods you just might be limiting your success.  How many times have you been in a meeting where you offer a suggestion that you truly believe would have a positive impact and were told “no thank you that is not the way we do things.”  You were probably thinking to yourself – how narrow-minded these people were. 

What if you now held up a mirror and asked yourself – are there any good habits I have that may be outdated and hindering my growth and success?   Have I gotten too comfortable with a familiar set of habits?  Sometimes we can become overconfident when complacency has set in.  When this happens we are actually underachieving.  Be willing to listen to new ideas and try new approaches.  Being just good stands in your way of being GREAT!