“Vision without execution is hallucination.”  Steve Mills, IBM Executive

This is one of my favorite quotes.  Most of us set goals.  If you have an annual performance review process at your company most likely you are setting goals that you are to achieve during the year.   Once the performance review discussion is conducted with your manager and the form is filed away how often do you review, never mind act upon these goals?   If you are like most folks, you are scrambling to find the form a few weeks before the next performance review cycle begins.   What if you were to map out a plan to achieve your goals from day one?  What sort of impact do you think that would have in productivity as well as personal satisfaction?      Interested in giving it a shot?  Then take a moment to review a few key steps you can take to help you achieve the goals you took the time to set.

Step 1: Rewards and Consequences- Let’s face it – this is a powerful incentive.   The odds are that you will only accomplish a goal that is aligned with the desire results you want or to avoid the negative consequences of not attaining the goal.   Not to worry if you find yourself driven mostly by the need to avoid the consequences, based on various studies you are in the norm.  

Step 2: Identify any obstacles – Before you begin the goal achievement process, ask yourself - what are the possible barriers that might prevent me from realizing this goal?  By writing down these obstacles you can reduce uncertainty and adjust your attitude to develop action steps to move you forward.

Step 3: Develop Solutions and Take Action:  Once you have identified possible obstacles the next step is to think of as many solutions as possible to overcome each obstacle.   Once you have selected the most effective solution for your particular situation, and then convert that solution into an action step.   However, it does not stop here.   The key to the goal achievement process is to act on the action step you have identified by incorporating it into your daily activity so it becomes a part of you.

Why not take responsibility for your life by setting and achieving your goals!