How to Outperform and Outlast the Competition

Regardless of the economic environment, most individuals are always looking for ways to outperform and outlast their competition.  How is this done?  Quite simply by embracing change.    Most of us have created an environment that is safe, comfortable, and predictable and where “change” is a much feared concept.   So, how is it that successful people are able forge ahead in unknown territory? They focus on overcoming the obstacles, fears, and doubts they encounter on their journey. 

To help you navigate your own journey here are four primary reasons why people are resistant to change.

1)      FEAR– it’s internal; it’s in our heads; you can say fear is False Emotions Appearing Real.

2)      EGO--the need to be right is a powerful human need.

3)      CONFLICT--when you try to leave the people and things that make you comfortable you can sometimes create conflict.  Depending upon the situation, most people do not like conflict; it is not fun, so they just avoid it all together.

4)      LACK OF PURPOSE--without a sense of purpose, people become stagnant, complacent, and burnt out. 

So ask yourself, which one of these reasons is holding you back the most and what can you do to change that?  The good news is you don’t have to take drastic measures to create change. However, you do have to do things differently.  I encourage you to examine yourself, your attitudes, and your habits. Change starts with you. If you want to have a different result, then change your way of thinking, doing so will enable you to outperform and outlast your competition.