Investing vs. Spending Your Time

One of the most important concepts of time management is to understand and acknowledge the difference between spending time and investing time.  The definition of spend, according to the dictionary, is “to use up, exhaust, consume.”  However, when we invest our time we do so with the expectation of some sort of ROI, return on investment.  If we were to attach the value we put on money to the concept of time, we would be more motivated to manage it better. 

Time is like money.  You can expect returns if you invest in it wisely (current economic situation excluded) and losses if it is spent without purpose.  How you use your time is a reflection of who you are.  Not only is it an indication of what you think about yourself it also reveals what you think of others.  Your focus on achieving the goals you have set for yourself is reflected in your use of time.  How you allocate your time mirrors your purpose, your vision and your values.