Is your Glass Half Full or Half Empty? Focusing on the Positive

Optimistic or Pessimistic? How do you usually view things?   Do you typically appreciate what is or are you more likely to bemoan what isn’t?  How you view and describe a situation has a tremendous influence on how you feel about it and respond to it.  The power to choose how you see life resides within yourself.   How does this apply to how you feel about yourself?   Do you usually think about your weaknesses and failures or do you focus on the value you provide and your potential? How you see yourself affects your growth.   If you focus on your potential your energy is directed toward a vision and motivation.  By envisioning positive outcomes you are more likely to strive for and achieve them.

Take a moment to inventory your own internal attitudes?  Make a commitment to change negative thoughts into positive commitments.  As you become more alert to the negative influences that hinder your growth you will begin to see progress in your personal and professional development.