Leaders of Today

Today, as a leader, you must make sure that your team is aligned. Be sure your employees are focused on accomplishing their goals, and that these goals are aligned with the Critical Success Factors. The Critical Success Factors are, in turn, aligned with the Mission and the Vision. There must be a relentless focus on performance and results, but that in and of itself is not enough.

If everyone is in alignment each step of the way, the organization will see amazing RESULTS. If there is misalignment, you will see inefficiencies, lack of focus, unproductive teams, conflict, turf wars, politics, and a host of other organizational ills.

An organization’s real competitive advantage comes from harnessing the will, commitment and EMOTION of their people. You must look at ways to not only create a compelling VISION that is in alignment to the individual action steps…but you must also create ways to positively impact the attitudes of everyone on your team.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, a nationwide survey asked employees what was most important to them. The answer wasn’t salary or wages. The top of the list wasn’t advancement opportunities or flexibility of work schedules either. It was open communication.