Search within yourself

It seems every day we are reminded by a news story, an article or conversation with a friend, family member or colleague about the high levels of disenchantment and disengagement that many people are experiencing with their lives and their jobs.   People are trying so hard to fit into a place/circumstance where they don’t want to be.   It is this pressure to conform that is stifling their enthusiasm and creating a world of mediocrity.   Most of these discontented individuals usually blame their current circumstances for their unhappiness.  Sometimes, they even shift the blame to others in their life- boss, colleague, spouse, family, etc.   What these individuals need to understand is that the blame is not external.  The answer to what they are searching for is within them.   What they have done is temporarily allowed outside influences and circumstances to diminish their motivation and drive.  It is often the need for approval and acceptance that encourages us to allow the opinion/advice of others to override our dreams.   When this internal pressure is created the tendency is to abandon our dreams.   In order to grow and achieve we must map out our own destiny, set our own goals and develop our own action plan.