Spending Time Wisely

There are tips and tools out there to help you manage your money.  I thought I would share with you a few tips to help you manage your time better. 

  1. Plan for meetings:  We spend most of our days in meetings, but by planning ahead we can be more productive with the time spent in these meetings.
  2. Tackle small tasks immediately.   If you know something is only going to take a few minutes, do it now. 
  3. Organize your home environment.   Most of us tend to be organized at work but not in our homes.   Set up a filing system in your home similar to what you would do in your office. 
  4. "Me" time:  Make sure to schedule at least 30 minutes of alone time. 
  5. No:  We were very good at saying this two letter word when we were toddlers.   In a politer manner, respectfully decline requests for your time that conflict with your priorities and goals.
  6. Waiting time:  Learn to use this unexpected gift of time to your advantage.   Plan ahead of activities you can conduct during these time periods.
  7. Avoid clutter:  File papers and keep a clear desk and avoid distractions.
  8. Develop a routine for checking emails and voicemails.   Constantly checking will keep you from completing your current task at hand.

Which one of these tips are you willing to commit to today to help you spend your time more wisely?