Strategies for Planning

In my last blog I focused on the fundamentals of time management.   Many of you commented that you are still working on implementing your New Year’s resolutions.   Below I would like to share with you some strategies for making things happen!  Try a few out and let me know how it goes.

  • Determine  your best time of day to plan
  • Write your plan in command form (Go, Do, Call)
  • Write one item per line
  • Prioritize your goals and activities
  • o   Schedule appointments, phone calls, planning time
  • o   Define the Must Do’s/Should Do’s
  • o   Keep an ongoing To Do List
  • Resolve each “planned” item at the end of each day
  • Review your goals daily or weekly. Adjust activities to achieve the goals.
  • Update your plan

Time Management is not a Time Management Issue; it is a Goals Clarification Issue!