Strengthen Your Strengths

We are all unique in terms of the qualities and abilities that we “bring to the table.”   It is important for us to understand what are strengths truly are so we can provide the most valuable contribution to those around us whether that is work, family or friends.   But how many of us know what are strengths are never mind focusing on them?  Going back to our report cards from school and continuing with our current day performance reviews at work we typically focus on our “poorer” scores or weaker competencies.   By neglecting to strengthen your strengths you are curtailing your personal growth and the future positive impact on your life and the lives of others.  This is not to say that if a weakness is holding you back you would necessarily ignore it.  The key is to identify the deficiency that has the most impact on your performance and devote time to improving that area.   If you proceed through life focusing on managing your weaknesses you are taking energy away from increasing your strengths which typically leads to average results.   Let’s face it- how many of us desire to be average?