Success and Happiness

By nature, humans are goal-seekers.   We are most alive when we are working towards accomplishing our goals.  But not just any old goals.  Our goals need to be set realistically high – requiring us to think outside the box and stretching us to new heights. 

As you continue to strive for higher goals, you should never reach the point of becoming fully satisfied.  This lack of satisfaction is your motivator.   As you continue to extend your reach and your goals your inner supply of untapped potential expands.  You are becoming more of who you are.  As you encounter new challenges your reserve potential will bubble up to the surface and give you capabilities more than equal to the task at hand.

Behavioral studies have shown that the majority of us never utilize more than a fraction of our potential.   The biggest obstacle that stands in our way is the attitudes of our own minds.   Another component of what keeps us from success is balance between our personal and professional lives.  

Success can be defined as the continual achievement of your own predetermined goals stabilized by balance and purified by belief.  Success is a journey, not a destination.   Most of us fail to experience success because we continually compare ourselves to those around us.  By doing this we are setting ourselves up for failure for as we increase our circle of friends the rating we give ourselves decreases.  Why not listen and learn from those around us, yet choose our own paths?