Success Comes From Within

Let’s face it we are fortunate to live in a world that offers unlimited opportunities and where dreams can be achieved at every turn.  So, why is it that many people feel frustrated, unable to accomplish much?  Usually the reason is that these individuals do not take the time to map out what they are passionate about nor identified their own values.   They look for a magic pill, quick scheme and/or borrow the standards and action plans of others around them.   Little time is vested in reflecting within themselves to find and develop their own potential.    Without goals to strive for it is extremely difficult to feel successful and satisfied. 

There is an ancient legend that claimed a group of wise men were disturbed when they saw how humankind abused its wisdom.   According to the legend, this group decided to hide the secret of happiness and success where no one would ever find it again.  Many options were proposed from the dark depths of the earth, into the deepest ocean, on top of the highest mountain.  However, the chief wise man said “We will hide the secret of happiness and success deep inside every individual, for they will never think to look for it here.”

How many of you know people who have been running around searching for something that they already possess within themselves?  How many of you are guilty of that yourself?   Well, stop the running or whatever it is you are doing and focus on developing the resources within yourself.  Become more of who you really are.