The Big “D”- Delegation

If you are able to master the art of delegation you will reap the rewards of being in control of how you spend your time and energy.   Not sure you are an effective delegator?  Review the tips below to see what you might be able to do differently.

Tip #1:  Make sure you delegate the responsibility along with the task to be completed.   This allows the person to feel a sense of ownership.  In addition, you might find a more creative, productive means of accomplishing the task at hand.

Tip#2: Delegate to complement your strengths.  Identify areas that may not be your strength and leverage the skills of the people around you.

Tip#3: Delegating is not dumping.  When you delegate it should be with the intention of furthering another’s personal/professional growth.  Not just a means for you to get your To Do List done.

Tip#4: A skillful delegator has gotten that way from practice.   It may take a while to build up a comfort level with delegating tasks.  Work on it each opportunity you get.

Tip#5:  Don’t allow your direct reports to delegate up to you.   Provide the guidance needed but do not complete the task for them.  You don’t need the additional burden and you may be curtailing their growth.