The First Step to Great Leadership...

Create a Compelling Vision

One of the most important responsibilities of a leader is to shape and communicate the vision to everyone in their organization.              

A vision should honor the past but prepare for the future. Most importantly, a vision must be “lived.” If your vision is not “lived” every day in every way, it will not empower anyone.

A vision should be succinct, clear, and exciting. It should guide the organization and everyone in it while leaving wide latitude to pursue new opportunities.  The vision is a statement of your company’s potential. When your vision is effectively communicated to all employees, it should provide a common focus and direction.

An effective and “Compelling Vision” will be:

  • Based on an insightful analysis of the present situation facing the organization
  • A good choice from well-considered options
  • Appealing to deep desires of those who work within the organization
  • A clear statement of the motivating force that drives the organization forward
  • Achievable

 Once you’ve determined your vision, there are six key elements needed to effectively communicate it.

  • Keep it simple. Eliminate trite expressions or jargon.
  • Use metaphors, analogies and examples that paint verbal pictures so people can visualize where they are going.
  • Use multiple forums for communication.
  • Incorporate repetition. Ideas sink in deeply only after they have been heard many times.
  • Lead by example. Behavior must be consistent with the vision since we believe what we see more than what we hear.
  • Give and take. Two-way communication is always more powerful than one-way communication.

Once a compelling vision is developed the next step is to create a mission, the short-term view of the vision. What can be accomplished in the next year that will support the vision?

From there, you will want to determine the critical success factors that are both necessary and sufficient to realize your company’s Mission.

Goals are created to do whatever it takes to meet the Critical Success Factors.

These Goals are then broken down into Action Steps that spell out who does what by when.

If everyone is in alignment each step of the way, the organization will see amazing RESULTS. If there is misalignment, you will see inefficiencies, lack of focus, unproductive teams, conflict, and a host of other organizational ills.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, a nationwide survey asked employees what was most important to them. The answer at the top of the list was open communication.  Employees need and want to understand the Vision and how their role plays a part in it.

An organization’s real competitive advantage comes from harnessing the will, commitment and EMOTION of their people. You must look at ways to not only create a compelling VISION that is in alignment to the individual action steps…but you must also create ways to positively impact the attitudes of everyone on your team.