The Purpose Behind Communicating

Quite simply, the purpose of communicating with others is to convey a message that elicits a behavioral response.  In most situations there is a particular behavioral response that you are targeting to elicit.   If you are looking to get your message across the first time around be sure to follow these fundamental principles of successful interpersonal communications.

a) Be logical.  Communicate one idea at a time in the proper sequence.

b) Be aware of the words you are using and the pictures/thoughts those words may portray.  We know that a “picture is worth a 1,000 words” but a word can also mean different things to different people.

c) Be concise.  Too many words is not better.  Be brief, concise and clear in your communications. 

Remember the purpose of communication is to convey a message that draws out a behavioral response not just to hear yourself talk.