What type of leader do you want to be?

To be a successful leader, you must be yourself.  Trusting, believing and being honest with yourself are the foundation that will enhance your personal power.  Although there are different breeds of leaders out there, they typically can be grouped into 3 categories.  Read below and determine which category best suits you. 

1)      Enhancers:  Are self-confident, respected and responsible.  They lead by power and the respect they have earned.  They strive to create working conditions where everyone gains satisfaction.  They focus on empowering others to fulfill their needs while meeting their goals.

2)      Neutralizers:  More focused on things/skills than with people.  Typically lacking personal power, they are able to get things done by exerting their authority.  This type of leader usually creates a work climate that is somewhat sterile. 

3)      Diminishers:  These type of leaders lack self-confidence and personal power.  They typically focus on their own gains at the expense of others.  They view competent and goal-oriented individuals as threats. 

While these classifications are generalizations they do represent styles of leadership and individual interpretations of effective leadership.  If want to strive to be more of an “enhancing” leader know that you can acquire these traits through experience and your own personal development.