Who are you? The impact of understanding and affirming your “self”

We all have a strong desire to be the best we can be.   Everything we need to overcome the limitations and obstacles that inhibit our growth, personally and professionally, can be found within yourselves.  Socrates summed it up nicely “Know thyself.”   Once you know who you are what you desire and value, what your strengths and blind spots are you gain perspective and are able to get off the spinning wheel of the self-improvement cycle and realize results.   By taking the time to understand yourself not only are you able to better understand your behavior but will also better understand the behavior of others. 

So, what are the three “selfs?”

  1. Self #1 – focuses on the rules, values and social norms that you were taught or conditioned to use during your early formative years.  
  2. Self#2 – focuses on the rational and objective.  It is the area that deals with facts and helps us to make decisions; it helps us analyze and assess situations.
  3. Self #3- focuses on feelings and emotions, encompassing both natural and adapted feelings.

Each self plays a role in our developmental process.   Your dominate self is determined by your early conditioning.   Understanding the influence that your “selfs” have on your thoughts, feelings and behaviors will have an impact on your ability to be your best, personally and professionally.