Find yourself short on time and resources and struggling with challenges that you are not sure how to handle?   Through the case studies and coaching exercises in my book you are given the foundation needed to launch your journey of self-discovery, map out your direction and achieve a personalized definition of success.   By identifying, addressing, and implementing strategies to combat your “energy vampires” you sleep better at night and function to your highest potential during the day.

This book will help you make the commitment to yourself to gain the perspective needed to achieve your desired results. 

“This is a well written, very accessible book for anyone struggling with the overwhelming experience of jump starting a career. It combines clear explanations, case studies that bring Stacey’s expertise to life, as well as useful questionnaires that can engage the reader in the process of exploration.”
— via Amazon Reviews
The book is easy to read and understand and great for picking up and putting down as you have time to complete the various exercises. What a great resource for helping to determine your career goals and how that affects family.
— via Amazon Reviews