Strengths Assessment


Strengths Assessment

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Our decisions are impacted by how we perceive our reality, the data we filter out or allow in, and are influenced by our talents, motivations and behavioral preferences.  It is possible to achieve greater performance and satisfaction by knowing and understanding the combination of our natural gifts and talents, motivations and behaviors, that is, the WHAT, WHY and HOW of human performance.

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ADVanced Insights PACKAGE |  $335

Save 35% when you purchase all three Assessment Instruments together.  The ADVanced Insights Package combines the three behavioral assessment instruments shown below into one 65 page report.  Price includes 60 minute consultation.

Attribute Index:  the “What”  | $175

This instrument examines how we think and allows us to gain an understanding of the patterns we use to make judgments/decisions.  Price includes 30 minute consultation.

Value Index: the “Why”  |  $175

This report will provide a foundation for understanding your belief system pertaining to what motivates you, what you are most drawn to and where your passion lies.  Price includes 30 minute consultation.

DISC Index: the “How”  |  $175

The DISC model is the most used behavioral assessment in the world. It allows you to understand your unique behavioral strengths and tendencies enabling you to become more effective in (i) interpersonal and intrapersonal communications (ii) goal achievement (iii) job selection (iv) performance management.  Price includes 30 minute consultation.